Speaking President

Washington Post, Aug 21, 2018 Republican leaders’ “focus on [Trump’s] record over [his] rhetoric is a striking deviation from how we are used to thinking of the power of the bully pulpit. “The key, whether first taboo or later enthusiastically embraced, has been an unflagging view, a through-line in American history that maintains just how…… Continue reading Speaking President

The Case for Trump’s Nobel

The Case for Trump’s Nobel  Washington Post, June 12 2018 “Despite the popular association of the Nobel with great thinkers, diplomats and statesmen, the prize has also routinely rewarded the undeserving, the frauds and the criminals. By its very nature, the dogged determination to reward “great men” of their time has led to a list…… Continue reading The Case for Trump’s Nobel

The Decline of Ideas

In the second half of the 20th century, the United States underwent a fundamental political shift. Traditional party loyalties weakened. Ideological identification gained preeminence. The Grand Old Party became the party of the Right just as the party of FDR and JFK turned to the Left.yet today that great historical pivot toward ideological stratification between…… Continue reading The Decline of Ideas