The Once Essential War

It was not too long ago that Vietnam stood as the model war against which to measure all other wars. It took years to digest the tragedy. But, eventually, a consensus was reached that the first and most vital lesson learned from the ill-fated incursion was that the United States should not fight a warContinue reading “The Once Essential War”

Elizabeth Warren, The New Great Communicator

President Ronald Reagan has gone down in history as the Great Communicator for his ability to pare down complex ideas into simple, understandable prose. Reagan was artful, articulate and pithy, using seemingly simple mantras to capture the complex issues of his day: “Tear down that wall, Mr. Gorbachev,” “Trust but verify,” “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” “Morning in America.” He had the ability to artfully and succinctly excoriate his opponents. Let’s not forget, Reagan had an edge…

The Misogynist and the Manager

The great irony (or perhaps paradox) of the 2016 presidential campaign was that Donald J. Trump, the grand wizard of misogyny, the dean of sexism, won his election by subordinating his campaign to a woman. On August 17th, an unruly and undisciplined Trump campaign hired Kellyanne Conway as its campaign manager. And now, amidst the wide-ranging disappointment over the defeat of the first possible female president, barely acknowledged has been the fact that Conway’s leadership stood as a milestone in American democracy…

What Millennials don’t get about Bernie

(Printed in USA Today May 11, 2016.) Bernie Sanders’ lock on young people has been a constant throughout the Democratic presidential primaries. Exit polling shows he won 83% of voters under 30 in Pennsylvania last month, 74% in Indiana last week and 71% in West Virginia on Tuesday. Why are Millennials so enamored of Sanders? Most hypotheses credit their enthusiasm for sweeping moral goalsContinue reading “What Millennials don’t get about Bernie”