Colin Kaepernick Has the Historical Stature Of Mohammad Ali

Colin Kaepernick has lost three years of his prime career in a sport with a cripplingly short span.  He now stands as a historic political sports figure of the stature of Mohammad Ali. Torn apart in his times, denounced, helped awaken a nation to the brutality of the American state. And his jersey, the shoes heContinue reading “Colin Kaepernick Has the Historical Stature Of Mohammad Ali”

The Afghanistan Papers: A Reappraisal of an Appraisal

A little known agency, the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), undertook the audit in 2014. The little-known government watchdog spent $11 million on the project, hired 600 staff. They recorded some 400 interviews. SIGAR’s mission: to assemble the Lessons Learned from the 18-year campaign in Afghanistan, 2,430 American soldiers dead,Continue reading “The Afghanistan Papers: A Reappraisal of an Appraisal”

The Weakness of Demagoguery over Summer Rolls

From a dinner of pho and vermicelli, I was walking to my Hyundai with a friend when she posed again the question of the day, the month, the past three years. Daubing a bit fiercely at a spot of hoisin on a button of her shirt, she asked how a man like Donald Trump couldContinue reading “The Weakness of Demagoguery over Summer Rolls”

Letter to the Editor: On Project 1619, New York Times

Dear editor, The objections to the 1619 Project by the prominent seemed granular, a poor example of wider held discomfort many historians hold with the project. The 1619 Project, for all its vital import in bringing light to dark spaces in American history, exchanges one master narrative for another. It seems a great shame notContinue reading “Letter to the Editor: On Project 1619, New York Times”

Why Julian Assange Is Unlikely to Find a Refuge in the Supreme Court

WASHINGTON POST: Julian Assange last month ended his seven-year stay at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London, where he had sought refuge from prosecution in Sweden and the United States. The British government has since ordered that he be extradited to the United States, where he may be charged under the U.S. Espionage Act. In his role asContinue reading “Why Julian Assange Is Unlikely to Find a Refuge in the Supreme Court”

The Deep State Did Not Begin with Trump

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Fears over the “deep state” have been chalked up to paranoia. And indeed the idea of a hidden counter-government has attracted the ranks of the paranoid. Conspiracies of a tentacled clique of career bureaucrats, wire diagrams of sinister assets and agents have piled up in the Trump era. Still, to writeContinue reading “The Deep State Did Not Begin with Trump”

The Irrational Rationality of Conservative Conspiracism

WASHINGTON POST: It is tempting to think of these conspiracies as a rejection of reason, part of the faith- or instinct-based anti-intellectualism of Trump and the right more broadly. And yet such a characterization misses the very nature of political conspiracy. For conspiracism does not reject rational thought, but actually metastasizes reason itself. Conspiracies are based on vast trails of evidence…

Speaking President

WASHINGTON POST: Republican leaders’ focus on Trump’s rhetoric is a striking deviation from how we are used to thinking of the power of the bully pulpit. The key–whether taboo or embraced–has been an unflagging view, a through-line in American history that maintains just how powerful the act of presidential speech is…[FULL ARTICLE]

The Case for Trump’s Nobel

WASHINGTON POST: Despite the popular association of the Nobel with great thinkers, diplomats and statesmen, the prize has also routinely rewarded the undeserving, the frauds and the criminals. By its very nature, the dogged determination to reward “great men” of their time has led to a list of recipients that is a mixture of theContinue reading “The Case for Trump’s Nobel”